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About Us

The God's Knot Story

Our Beginnings

God's Knot was founded in 2006 by Will and Mandi Welbes; newly weds with a desire to provide other Christians with wedding resources.

While planning our own wedding, we realized that there were an abundance of wedding resources on the web, but not very many focused on Christian weddings and Christian marriage. God's Knot was designed to collect and organize information and products related to a Christian wedding ceremony. 

We believe that a wedding is much more than a day of celebration. As scripture teaches, it is a miraculous union between husband and wife created by God, made possible by our salvation through Jesus Christ.

God's Knot celebrates God's great design for marriage!

Our Founders: Will & Mandi Welbes

Will & Mandi's engagement at Presque Isle in Marquette, Michigan.

Having graduated from the same engineering school, many people assume we met in college. However, it wasn't until after school, that we met - at Church! We were both attending Elmbrook Church in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Noticing another Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) graduate, a girl none the less, Will had to introduce himself. From that brief introduction, we slowly got to know each other over the next few months. We bumped into each other at retreats, weddings, and Sunday morning services. Eventually God found a spot where we could serve together in the high school ministry. As leaders and mentors for the same group of students, we became friends.

After many months of getting to know each other, Will eventually worked up enough courage to ask Mandi on an adventure up North. We traveled to Michigan's Upper Peninsula (the UP) to see the Paulding Light, a natural light phenomenon near Watersmeet, MI. After this weekend trip to the UP, we started dating.

Several months later, Will sent Mandi on a bit of a treasure hunt. On a Thursday evening, Will put an envelope under her couch in her apartment. On Friday morning, he emailed her a message to look under her couch to find an envelope with her name on it. Inside the envelope, there was a note, keys to a car, and an airline ticket. The message explained she was going on a treasure hunt for the day.

It started with a flight from Milwaukee to Marquette, Michigan. She was told in her initial note to look for Will's car in the airport parking lot. In his car was a second note with hints leading her to Presque Isle. There, Mandi found a third note by a water fountain shaped like a lion or "liger". This letter sent her walking around Presque Isle "counter clockwise". After a long walk through the woods along a path by Lake Superior, she found Will sitting on a rock overlooking the Lake.

After a few nervous minutes of wave watching, Will finally pulled out a ring and asked Mandi to marry him! And of course she said YES!

After months of wedding planning and preparation, we were married on February 25th, 2006, in Negaunee, MI.  It was God who brought us together and God who continues to bind us together to this day.

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Engineering Fun

Founders Will and Mandi Welbes have recently launched a new website about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) called Engineering Fun.

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