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9 Ways to Make Your Engagement Rock

Emily Norris engagement

Engagements are often over looked and underutilized. Don’t waste yours *waiting* to get married. Your engagement can and should be so much more. Here are 9 ways to make your engagement rock!

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1. Get to know each other.

During an engagement couples should feel secure enough in their relationship to have deeper talks about everything from who will do what housework to what your working budget will be. This isn’t necessarily the most fun thing about an engagement but its vital. Check out our Marriage Talks posts to get ideas.

2. Make memories together.

Engagements give you the thrill of dating without the responsibility of marriage. Make the most of it. Go out on dates, try new things together. And for goodness sakes talk about something other than your wedding.

3. Start a new tradition.

This could be anything from a weekly date night, to Sunday morning service and brunch. You can include other couples in your tradition too like a game night.

4. While we are on the subject of other couples...

Don’t, I repeat DON’T, shun all your friends now that you are engaged. It can be tempting to want to only spend time together, but friendships are important. Your friends need you, and despite what you think you need them too. Take time apart from your fiancé and time with your fiancé to hang out with your friends. Research shows that couples who regularly spend time with friends have happier marriages.

5. Make registering fun.

A wedding registry is a giant wish list. This opportunity only comes once, so MAKE THE MOST OF IT! Be logical, allow room for each other to dream (use your vetos judiciously), and ask for help. You may think you know everything that is vitally important to a household, but chances are there is someone out there (your Mom?) that knows better.

6. Don’t forget about your families.

Your parents are looking forward to this day too. Keep them involved. Give them specific jobs if you don’t want them going cart blanche with your wedding details. It is your special day, but keep in perspective that it is a special day for them too. Don’t wait until the day of your wedding to remember to thank them or include them. Don’t forget your siblings either!

7. Put into words why you fell in love with and want to marry your fiancé.

There are tons ideas on Pinterest. You can write little insights in a notebook about how excited you are or write a love letter. An added bonus is you can give it to your fiancé on your wedding day. It will also help you with the next suggestion.

8. Write your vows.

Don’t wait until the last minute to rush through them. Start early and watch them evolve into something truly special.

9. Pray.

Pray together (this could be a tradition you start), pray alone, talk to God often about everything from your future life together, to planning your wedding. Use some or all of these suggestions to make your Engagement Rock! Log on to our Facebook page and share with us your ideas.

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