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Wedding Vows: A Second Chance

Emily Norris wedding

Writing Wedding Vows

When William posted his and Mandi’s wedding vows a couple of months ago they made me think back to my wedding day. Its been nine years now. I can’t believe how quickly it has gone. It also brought back some of the wedding planning stress. I never dreamed planning my wedding would be so hard. The sheer amount of people and details you have to account for is daunting enough. Add trying to please two families with very different ideas of the hows and whys… Anyways I digress, we chose not to write our vows. I think at the time it was one less thing on our plate.

Now, thinking back I wish I would have taken the time to tell my husband what he meant to me, how excited I was. I know I would have loved to hear his. I married a romantic. A lot of times the cards he gives me on special occasions with his heartfelt messages in them are my favorite part of his gifts. I missed doing it 9 years ago, but that doesn’t mean I can’t call a redo and share them now, on our anniversary.

Nathaniel I stand before you today in front of God, our families, and friends beyond excited to begin our life together. I can’t put my finger on any one thing that drew me to you. Your patience, determination, how incredibly safe and cared for I feel when I’m with you, your love of movies and the opportunity that gives me to snuggle with you, your ability to adapt and change in any situation so that you come out on top. I don’t think I will ever be able to beat you in any game more than once. I am at peace when I am with you. I’m better with you. Through everything up until this point there has been a single truth amidst all the chaos, I love you. I believe that God brought us together, and I promise not to take that lightly. I promise to honor and respect you. And for every day forward I swear to love you more than the last, to make a home we are proud of together, and to stand by your side always. I love you.

My advice to anyone on the fence about writing your vows. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Yes there are decisions to make and people to please and not enough time to do it all. But make the time to write your vows. It is such a beautiful way to express your love for each other. If you are anything like me they are not going to be a quick check off on your todo list either. Mine took a ridiculous amount of time, but it is worth it even 9 years later. Good Luck!

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