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Eight Years of Marriage

William Welbes marriage

Eight years ago today, Mandi and I were married. We have witnessed God do so much in our lives in those eight years. A few short months into our marriage, Mandi and I founded God’s Knot. We are blessed each day to see how God continues to use God’s Knot in weddings and marriages around the country and throughout the world. 

Our February wedding with snow and ice :)

Our February wedding with snow and ice!

Having an anniversary today, Mandi and I paused to look back at a few photos from our wedding. It brings smiles to our faces and warms our hearts to remember that special event and all of the family and friends that celebrated with us. We also paused to reflect on the vows we exchanged that day.

At our wedding, Mandi and I made a covenant commitment to each other. With the help of God, that commitment has kept our marriage strong through the years. For our ceremony, we chose to write our own vows. It wasn’t easy, but we found the process rewarding. It caused us to truly consider the words that we were saying and the public commitment that we were making. Here’s a look at the wedding vows that Mandi and I exchanged:


Will, I love you and I stand here so excited to become your wife. I prayed so long for God to choose a man who would be perfect for me. I never expected God to bless me so greatly and to be so clear. 

Each day I am amazed by not only your faith in God, but also your patience and the love you give me. Because of this, I want to be your wife. I want us to share our love and serve God as one, living each day for his glory. 

Will, I promise to be forever faithful, to love you through all that life has to offer. I promise to follow you as you follow Christ. I promise to build a home with you that will keep God in our hearts. I promise each and every one of these things for as long as God keeps us on our earthly home.


Mandi, I stand here today before both God, and friends & family, to make public my commitment to you. I recognize God’s divine authority over my life, exercised in His love. He has blessed me and entrusted me with your life as a gift that I have not earned. In recognition of these things, 

I desire to love you selflessly,
to listen intently and communicate honestly,
to guard and protect you in all circumstances,
to lead as God leads me,
to serve you and your needs, and help you reach your goals,
to be understanding and forgiving,
to be supportive and patient, ever striving to be a more complete helpmate for you. 

I promise to be your life long companion as we love and serve God together, throughout our lives. 

Eight years ago, we made a public commitment to each other before God and our family and friends. I’m excited for our years ahead and our journey in Him.

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