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Proverbs 19:14

Emily Norris marriage

“House and riches are the inheritance of fathers: and a prudent wife is from the LORD.”
(King James Version)

I was reading thru verses trying to find one, this one grabbed my attention. It is such a simple verse, easily overlooked, but I believe it speaks volumes to God’s priorities for us.

Throughout our day, we are bombarded with the message that more is always better: money, food, even relationships. It’s easy to get swept up into that mindset.

Let’s be honest, God could take credit for everything in our lives, if he chose. He is the Master Planner, all knowing, and thankfully for us, all loving. Instead, in this verse he only takes credit for helping a man find his wife. So many people value wealth and power above all else. I think that God is showing us the real riches lie in a marriage enriched by him.

I cannot agree more. I married my high school sweetheart and together with our three children have amassed a houseful of possessions. In our marriage we have experienced both periods of abundance and the complete opposite. Don’t get me wrong when money isn’t an issue, it’s fun, and a lot less stressful. But…

In times when money was tight, I felt most connected to my husband. When you make the decision to stick together no matter what; the only thing you know for certain is, God will provide and you have each other. That is when your persistence pays off. It might be tough but those events are invaluable to the relationship with your spouse and God alike.

So the next time a new gadget or bigger house catches your eye, think about the abundance you already possess. Remember the blessings God has given you and your spouse. We put value in objects while God sees the real value is in a partnership between husband and wife.

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